The Sri Lankan New Year Festival was conducted on 30th April 2017 for the children of the Center for Society & Religion (CSR) program center, Pichchamalwatte by the W.N.S. institution. The festival commenced with boiling of milk invoking best wishes. Before conducting the competitions the CSR provided a glass of milk. The children who enjoyed the milk went forward the competitions. The W.N.S. institution provided a pack of Milo & fish bun for the breakfast while the children are taking part the competitions. Before the Tug-O-War was conducted with the involvement of the teachers a glass of cool drank was provided to all. At the end of the competitions the lamps were lighted & the representatives of W.N.S. distributed the certificates & prizes to children. Thereafter the W.N.S. provided the lunch. The W.N.S. is an institution which always shows affection to the children of the CSR program center at Pichchamalwatta. The CSR staff & the children of the CSR program center at Pichchamalwatta offers their heartfelt thanks to Ms. Dayanthi & other officers of the W.N.S.

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