30th March 2017 became a very special day for the children of CSR at Pichchamalwatta. A group of Portuguese visitors along with the Chairperson Rev. Fr. Rohan De Silva & the Director Rev. Fr. Ashok Stephan came to see the children.
Seeing the capabilities of children they very very pleased. Dr. Fernando, one of the visitors from Portugal told the children that they should somehow or other strive to study & learn. Rev. Fr. Rohan De Silva said that in an area like this he is striving to pave the pave the way to a good future for these children by gathering them & improving their capabilities. Rev. Fr. Ashok Stephan said that all corporated to provide a good education to these by teaching them what is right & what is wrong and making them strive to lead a good life.
At the same time he thanked the visitors for coming to see the children

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